8900 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS

Let the Agilent 8900 ICP-QQQ take control of your interferences, and put your results beyond doubt.


  • Controlled reaction chemistry for consistent, reliable results
  • Resolution of isobaric overlaps, beyond capability of high-resolution ICP-MS
  • Lowest detection limits, even for previously difficult elements such as S, Si, P
  • Powerful ICP-MS MassHunter software simplifies your workflow and automates your method development
  • 4-channel cell gas control as standard
  • Unique precursor/product ion scan modes clarify reaction processes
  • The most exciting and versatile ICP-MS for research and method development
  • Monitor lower levels of ultra-trace contaminants in bulk chemicals and wafer processing baths
  • Quantify unknown proteins and peptides, to measure the sulfur and phosphorus heteroelements accurately at low concentrations
  • Characterize nanoparticles in complex environmental, food and biological samples, even at the sub-50 nanometer scale
  • Measure selenium, arsenic and arsenic speciation with better accuracy at lower levels in all food samples.
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