RapID - Portable Raman Spectrometer for Raw Material ID

The RapID system is the next generation in portable Raman raw materials ID verification, extending high-throughput spectroscopic analysis through clear packaging to nontransparent and colored containers.


  • Portable Raman ID through opaque and colored sacks, tubs and bottles
  • 100% ID testing for all incoming containers
  • Faster ID workflow
  • Reduce operator time and sample-handling booth usage
  • No contamination - better for quality and operator exposure
  • Avoid sampling, maintain sterility and prevent cross-contamination
  • Sterile manufacturing of parenteral and biological products benefits from the RapID system's noninvasive approach
  • Compatible with most containers, APIs and excipients - Unlike conventional handheld Raman devices, the RapID system is compatible with multi-layer paper and plastic sacks, opaque plastic drums and thick amber glass bottles.
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