AA Duo

The AA Duo is the world's only atomic absorption spectrometer with true simultaneous operation of flame and graphite furnace.


  • Be more productive—Agilent AA Duo's simultaneous operation of flame and graphite furnace doubles your productivity.
  • Get more choice—Combine flame or hydride atomizers with either a deuterium or Zeeman-corrected graphite furnace.
  • Save time—Agilent AA Duo's dedicated atomizers eliminate setup and changeover times.
  • Analyze any sample—The Agilent AA Duo offers the widest linear dynamic range from sub parts-per-billion to percent levels.
  • Set and forget optimization—Each atomizer is aligned for immediate use and never needs re-alignment.
  • Speed up—Take advantage of the Agilent AA Fast Sequential technology, which provides the world's fastest flame AAS.
  • Minimize training—The Agilent AA Duo is controlled by Agilent's Worksheet Software, delivering rapid instrument set-up, easy operation, and simple method development for novice and expert users.
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